Work In Progress (WIP) by Person

Increase the flow across the board by limiting Work In Progress

Most teams know about the importance of limiting WIP however, they also know that it is difficult to maintain awareness of who is overworked and who needs help to reduce their workload.

This is a useful chart to have on the dashboard and keep the team's focus.  

See which team members are overburdened

It's simple to see who is trying to do too much, and is therefore not as effective as they could be. First choose the states across the board (1) which represent 'In Progress for this team. 

The see who is doing what (2)

See what specifically is being worked on

Clicking on the bubble (1) we can see exactly which items (2) Rory is working on.

And what about the unassigned work?

Click (1) to show the items that have not yet been allocated to anyone but are within the release or Iteration