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SenseAdapt works with On-premise versions of TFS 2013 and 2015 as well as on the hosted version, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).

All the SenseAdapt visuals are also available for JIRA (server and cloud) 

SenseAdapt Monte Carlo forecasting can take data from either TFS or Jira and predict the likely end-dates of a project. 


Prove SenseAdapt forecasting is better than traditional approaches
  1. Extract data from a recently completed projected with our extraction tool.
  2. Send the completely anonymised .xml file to us (you can 'eyeball' the file to confirm that it is anonymous)
  3. We will run it through the Monte Carlo forecasting engine 
  4. Send you back the predictions of end dates at different stages of the project. 
Trial version 

You can install SenseAdapt on your On-Premise TFS and start to explore your own data for free.

Installation typically takes less than 30 minutes and, as the application only reads from TFS, it is low risk.

Installation instructions and pre-requisites can be found on the SenseAdapt Help site


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The best way to is via the SenseAdapt online support site 

Or you can email